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Life Safety Devices
We'll look out for your family... in every way possible.
The most dangerous situations are always unexpected – but they're never unthinkable. That's why Secure Operations Security Systems offers intelligent solutions beyond just burglar alarms.

What would happen if smoke from a fire filled your bedroom at night – the blinding cloud and noxious fumes could render you unconscious before you know it. What would you do?
How would anyone know you were in trouble if you were rendered unconscious by carbon monoxide?
What if your water heater burst while you were away from home or even asleep? How much damage would it cause before you knew what had happened?

Don’t take the risk.
Our Life Safety Devices can help defend you and your family from these frightening situations, giving you 24/7 peace of mind.
Smoke Detection: Smoke from a fire kills people more often than the fire does. It fills the room, blinds and literally chokes you to death. Electrical or battery-operated smoke detectors won't save you once you’re unable to move. With a Secure Operations monitored security system, our monitoring center stands watch 24/7.
Water Sensor: Water might not seem like a threat, but it can quickly destroy everything you have. A broken water line or water heater can cause serious structural damage, as well as an electrical fire. Your water sensor will notify our monitoring center automatically, so we can alert you to the problem.
Carbon Monoxide: It's a silent killer: odorless, tasteless and highly toxic. Just a few minutes can be the difference between life and death. That's why a Secure Operations CO detector provides early warning of dangerous carbon monoxide levels. And if you can't react–we will. We receive a signal from your system and send the help you need. Panic Alarms: Hear an intruder? Use our portable panic alarm to sound your alarm, which will immediately notify our monitoring center that you need help. It’s faster than dialing 911, and easier.
Gas Leak Detection: Even the smallest leak from a stove, oven or water heater can cause life-threatening explosions or inhalation injury. A Secure Operations natural gas detector offers early warning of a potential threat to you, your family and your property. Medical Alarm: Feeling ill? Injured? Just push a button and we'll send the help you need immediately. Our 24-hour monitoring center will swiftly dispatch emergency response teams.
Low Temperature Sensor: When the temperature drops below freezing in your home or business, pipes can crack or burst, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damage. This system safeguards your property, triggering a signal at the first signs of freezing temperatures inside your property. Stand-Alone Medical Alert System: An extra level of protection for parents and seniors, our medical alert system sends help with the push of a button. We'll communicate over your hands-free voice console and notify authorities right away. We'll also keep your medical history on-hand for emergency responders.